Local Film Screening: Return To Mountain

Saturday, Dec 1 - 7:00pm 
Free Admission - Open to the Public 
Full menu – Beer – Wine – Cocktails – Table Service 

Easthampton resident John Bruner co-produced this documentary which focuses on the history of Tai Chi and will be presented by the film-makers. In "Return to Mountain" Dennis, the Film-makers father, visits China for the first time and as we follow him, we discover the linkages between his 35 year study of Chinese Medicine, Daoism, Tai Chi and Martial Art. Questions will be answered and participants will be invited to give feedback regarding their experience. This is a pre-release presentation screener, allowing you to contribute to the finishing touches. We don’t expect you to be experts on the subject matter, nor do you need to be a filmmaker (or aspiring.) All are welcome and we need the input of the general public and professionals alike, so please come and be part of our process. We’ll bring the pencils and paper, or if you prefer, just stick around after the film and share your thoughts.