The 67 Steps – A Guide To Healthy Living

A person named Tai Lopez has published the 67 steps he believes will help anyone achieve good health and success. One website conveniently tai-lopez-67-steps-program1summarizes each of those steps; we won’t be doing that here, so let’s cut to the chase. Who is this book for and is Tai Lopez qualified to write a self-help book in the first place?

Self-help Books

Actually, no qualifications are necessary to write any book. Seeing it published, however, is another matter. Selling copies is something else entirely. The better question is “what makes Tai Lopez think his books will sell?” Apparently, he is an entrepreneur, investor, and a successful, healthy guy. He is also very young to be telling people how he learned a lot of stuff in his life, as though he has reached the climax. Generally, I respect people whose lives have been well-balanced, full of hardship, and who don’t have anything to lose anymore. Older people tend to speak the truth because they know the end result of their efforts and don’t worry about pleasing people all the time or becoming wealthy. Also, if Lopez follows his own advice, there is a good chance the climax is yet to come and more advice will be forthcoming. Besides, Lopez derived much of what he learned from reading books. Is this life experience? Maybe, at least it’s his life experience.

The Good Life

What is the good life? This is a place where you have all you ever wanted with no imminent prospect of losing it. Life doesn’t offer guarantees; pain is inevitable; isn’t the good life one in which the things you fear losing cannot be taken away? There aren’t many: love, faith, and hope perhaps. A Bugatti didn’t make it to my list, not even position 59. In Lopez’s view, you can balance health, money, and friends to enjoy a type of “good life” that fits far better with the self-help mentality.

Free Course

At least Lopez isn’t selling anything. There’s no sales pyramid; no supplements. You can even read his list of 67 things for free. The fact that 67 Steps – A Guide to Healthy Living has been updated recently, however, goes to show that he can’t hit on the perfect formula even with all of his research and life experience.

What Does Lopez Think?

People think they should have what they want because they deserve it. No work is necessary; happiness should be delivered on a platter. Lopez argues that people must earn success. This is partly true, but it isn’t a guarantee. Individuals work hard and behave with confidence yet end up with nothing anyway. Maybe he addresses that later, in Step 14 perhaps. And the idea that one person deserves a better life than someone else is a judgment call no one is in a position to make, although Lopez challenges readers to try anyway. At least he encourages a posture of humility.

Taught by Others

Let wiser men and women give you sound advice. In fact, actively seek out someone whose life represents the culmination of goals you wish to achieve. Be willing to listen and apply the lessons these people take the time to teach and show you. They might not write successful self-help books but have proven that whatever they’re doing, it works. Don’t pay attention to anyone who doesn’t take his own advice or who does and, in so doing, ends up sick, in debt, and unhappy.

Moving Forward

You should be able to change with the times; absolutely. Static skills are overlooked by consumers as times change and technology improves. Plumbers, teachers, lawyers, and garbage collectors all have to know how to increase and expand their skills. Flexibility is good as long as your ethics remain the same, but in this case, Tai Lopez seems to be talking about commercial trends, not ideas of right and wrong.

Tackling sustainability is another useful topic: everyone should work to preserve the environment and improve their health. He isn’t just referring to being “green,” though, but to a sustainable strategy; one that your body and finances can afford.

In Summary

I blended some tips here and only scraped the surface. I wouldn’t say this is a modern Bible of healthy living and success, but read what Lopez has to say, click here. Some of his advice is very good, and you can just take out what works.

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